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Find Out What Someone Does Online

Find out someone's true personality and what they are really like.

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Hire a social media investigator for

  • Stalking and harassment
  • Identity fraud and theft
  • Technical discovery
  • Standard investigation lead development
  • Anti-pedophile investigation
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Company policy violations
  • Identity verification
  • Alias vetting
  • New hire investigation
  • Accomplices discovery
  • Probation violations
  • Other court order violations
  • Criminal case purposes
  • Intellectual property theft

Social media investigation information we provide

  • Background information
  • Known contacts
  • Online conversations
  • Online comments
  • Posted photos/videos
  • Online Messages
  • Associations
  • Personal preferences
  • Personal political views
  • Hidden accounts

“Our firm uses ShadowSleuths to investigate each new hire as the final process before a job offer. Shadowsleuths has been invaluable in weeding out some bad people and saved our firm thousands.”

Information gathered depends on the type of social media site researched and specific profile and system security settings set in place.

People share personal information in social media forums every day and often reveal information that can be very useful about a subject. Our social media investigators can usually gain access to public information and private information within the content of social media pages and profiles, which may include photos, conversations, messages, others within the network, and more depending on what social media network and system is being utilized.

Start An Investigation

Social Media Investigations For

Business & Corporate

New hires
Current employees
Competitor information
Corporate leaks
Counter espionage
Breach of contract

Personal Investigations

Missing persons
Secret accounts
Breach of trust
Behavior monitoring

Other Investigations

Business partners
Pedophile reports
Background checks
Spending habits
House history
Legal history

We are FULLY CERTIFIED for social media investigations.

Social Media Analysis


Ethical Hacking

Criminal Investigation

Digital Forensic Investigation

Criminal Psychology


Machine Learning


Money Laundering Investigations

5 Years Active Security Experience
25 Years Cybersecurity
And 33 Other Industry Certifications

Social Media Investigations

Social Media Investigations (SMI) are used to gather information and investigate various matters including infidelity, corporate espionage, bot detection, terrorism, and more. SMI’s do this by accessing public facing information through various tools.

Social Media Investigations (SMI):

  1. Focus: SMI primarily involves investigating social media platforms and online activities to gather information and intelligence.
  2. Scope: SMI is specifically focused on analyzing social media content, profiles, interactions, and publicly available information.
  3. Tools: SMI relies on digital tools and technologies to monitor, analyze, and extract information from social media platforms. These tools can include social media monitoring software, data analytics tools, and specialized algorithms.
  4. Data Sources: SMI gathers information from publicly accessible social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others.
  5. Expertise: SMI often requires expertise in digital investigations, social media analytics, and data analysis techniques to extract meaningful insights from social media data.
  6. Legal considerations: SMI must adhere to legal and ethical boundaries, respecting privacy laws and terms of service of the social media platforms being investigated.

Who needs social media investigations?

Insurance companies use social media investigations to find information about a subject on their social media platforms to use on claims.

Police departments use social media investigations to get information for criminal cases to use against or for a subject.

Private investigators use social media investigations to gather information on cases they are working on.

Businesses use social media investigations to check on new hires to qualify or disqualify them from the hiring process. It is very common that a social media investigation to be part of the regular background check.

Lawyers use social media investigations to find out information for claims, wills, injuries, auto-accidents, and more.

Spouses use social media investigations to find out if there is infidelity going on. We can find secondary accounts, lurid images, and much more.

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